Sky Pharmacy is much more than an online source of medications.

It’s true that you can find almost any prescription drug (brand name or generic) at Sky Pharmacy, as well as over-the-counter meds, supplements, and medical supplies. What makes us stand out from other sellers, however, are our personalized service and our low prices.

We have a large staff of experienced and compassionate pharmacists on duty 24 hours a day, and their most important duty is safeguarding and improving your health and well-being. That means Sky Pharmacy doesn’t just sell pills. We’re your healthcare partner, completely devoted to finding and providing solutions that deliver optimal health outcomes for you and your family at the lowest cost you’ll find anywhere.

Sky Pharmacy: Serving Every Type of Patient Worldwide

As a medication superstore, Sky Pharmacy carries the drugs, OTC pills, and supplements needed for every type of care, for every type of patient:

  • Men and women, teens, children, and infants
  • Pregnant women and disabled patients
  • Patients living in settings like nursing, specialized, and palliative care homes
  • Pets, too!

Sky Pharmacy is also a trusted partner for those entrusted with the care of others:

  • Relatives, guardians, custodians and other caretakers
  • Nurses, doctors, social workers, and other healthcare professionals
  • Government facilities
  • Hospitals, clinics, urgent care, and assisted living facilities

Sky Pharmacy has provided pharmaceutical care and assistance to individuals and institutions for more than 25 years, providing medications, personalized consultations, and consulting services as appropriate. The one common thread: we are committed to delivering the drugs and services that are best suited to patients’ conditions, needs, and financial situations.

Sky Pharmacy: Delivering Effective, Safe, and Appropriate Health Solutions

The Sky Pharmacy warehouse stocks every commonly prescribed drug and medication, supplement and over-the-counter med, medical tool and supply. We’re also able to quickly find and ship rare and specialty medications, even if you haven’t been about to purchase them at your local drugstore. That lets us fill every pharmaceutical need you may have, shipped promptly and at the lowest possible cost.

These are just some of the prescriptions and orders we fill every day:

  • Pain relief meds
  • Blood pressure meds
  • Cardiovascular meds
  • Sexual health meds (for both male and female patients)
  • Asthma meds
  • Hormones
  • Weight loss meds and supplements
  • Immunostimulant medications
  • Veterinary medications

Your prescription isn’t on this list? No worries. We have it or can get it for you quickly. Just speak with one of our licensed pharmacists, available 24 hours a day.

Sky Pharmacy: Our Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

When you purchase from other online pharmacies, they simply take your order and send your pills (if they stock them). If you patronize a brick-and-mortar drugstore, they may briefly be able to discuss your medications with you — but not for long; they have a long line of customers to serve, phone calls on hold, and prescriptions to fill.

The Sky Pharmacy staff of licensed pharmacists is here for you, for as long as you need. We offer comprehensive, personalized service and are happy to spend as long as necessary to help with:

  • Prescription fills and refills
  • Detailed price quotes and advice on billing options
  • General questions you may have about your medications
  • Explanations about how your medications work, whether they’ll interact with other drugs you take, the proper dosing instructions, and the side effects that you might experience
  • Suggestions for other brand name or generic drugs you can substitute to save money
  • Other ways to lower your drug costs like discounts, coupons, bulk orders, special sales, loyalty programs, patient assistance programs, shipping discounts, etc.
  • Advice on delivery options
  • General health and medication questions (some questions may be directed to a doctor or other medical professional)

Sky Pharmacy: Trusted for 25+ Years

It’s easy for us, or any other company, to say “You can trust us.”

Obviously, that’s not a convincing argument. What really matters is a company’s track record, and Sky Pharmacy has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of clients over our 25 years of providing caring, expert pharmaceutical services. Check our customer reviews; you’ll see praise for our unblemished record of outstanding patient service and product delivery, along with the compassion and ethical practices we pride ourselves on.

That doesn’t happen by accident. We only hire pharmacists, technicians, and staff members with a passion for understanding and serving patients’ needs, and who subscribe to our core values of honesty, transparency, and service.

You can trust our products, too. Sky Pharmacy only sources medications, supplements, and supplies from top-line pharmaceutical manufacturers with reputations for producing high-quality, safe, and effective drugs and products. They all do extensive quality and safety testing before shipping, and we do our own quality control before packing and sending your order. These scrupulous standards are non-negotiable for us; patients trust us with their health, and it’s our responsibility to uphold that trust.

Sky Pharmacy is also dedicated to knowledge and innovation. Through regular, continuing education programs, all of our staff remains up-to-date on the latest developments in medicine and pharmacology, enabling them to suggest the very best medications and alternatives to our clients.

You can trust us. And those aren’t just words; we back them up with the way we conduct our business and serve our customers.

Sky Pharmacy: Partnering With Healthcare Institutions

In addition to our extensive work as a patient healthcare partner, Sky Pharmacy also partners with a wide variety of medical facilities and offices to provide drugs, medications, and more extensive services:

  • Providing all of their prescription and non-prescription medication supplies on regular schedules or as needed
  • Creating or improving systems for drug delivery and distribution
  • Providing consulting services on proper medication storage, record-keeping, and regular drug audits
  • Offering continuing education on medication use and administration to facilities’ staff members

We’re proud to work with so many other dedicated healthcare institutions to improve their services and help ensure optimal patient health outcomes.

Sky Pharmacy: Looking to the Future

The last 25 years have been rewarding ones at Sky Pharmacy, as we’ve grown to become a world leader in pharmaceutical services and patient care.

We’re far from done, though. Sky Pharmacy is already working to provide even better service to patients worldwide, through innovative approaches to the consultations, medications, and compassionate care we deliver.

We look forward to you joining our family of clients. Please contact us at any time, 24 hours a day, to let us know how we can help you with your healthcare needs.